Welcome to the Iguana Gang's website! 

Iguana Gang Skeleton NFT
Iguana Gang Zombie NFT
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We go live on 4/15 @ 8:00AM EST! Click on the "Minting Site -->" link below to start your journey! 

On this site you will also find some background on how we got here. If you have questions that are not answered feel free to reach out to us through our 
contact page. Even if you don't have questions we'd love to hear your feedback!  Check us out on Twitter, Instagram or our Discord.

Iguana Gang Bowling Shirt NFT
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We are going live in April 15th at 8:00AM EST. Please checkout our roadmap below for more details on upcoming events.

Mint Price

0.04 ETH

We will have a 72 hour minting period for community members that are on our whitelist. Mid-April is when minting will go live.

Public Price

0.06 ETH

Our public sale will go live shortly after we mint. Dont miss out on the drop! There are 5,555 unique and hand drawn Iguanas and they will go quick!

Rarity in the Gang

Everyone wants to own something that is special!  When crafting the gang, we designed a number of areas where unique variations could be introduced.  From the backgrounds to flames shooting out of the nose, we have ensured that each Iguana can reflect the interests of our community.  Interests that span travel to sports, space to beach, school to party, fishing to nobles; the range of Iguana's is truly unique.

Iguana Gang NFT Rarities Attributes

The Iguana Gang Road Map

An NFT community is driven by not only what exists today, but the vision for where the community can be tomorrow.  Below we walk through some of the innovations we hope to bring to our family over the next few months.


Iguana Gang FAQ

We want to make sure that you all have as much information about the project as possible.  Below we have added an FAQ with some of the most common questions we are receiving.