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Learning about the NFT space can be intimidating.  Staying up to date can be time consuming.  We want to help our community.     We are building out IguanaVersity to help educate and inform our friends about everything NFT.  Our first two projects will be building out a curated set of the latest news to help all of us stay up to date on the latest news, technology, art and community trends.   This will be followed by a curated set of links to help educate both new and established users in the community.  As always we welcome your feedback on how we can add value to IguanaVersity. 

NFT News

The NFT space is constantly evolving.   To stay on top of the latest news and trends can require a ton of time and effort.  To help, we have started building a curated Flipboard magazine that brings all of the latest news to you in a single online magazine. 

Click on the link to check out the IguanaGang's  NFT magazine!

NFT Educational Series

The web is full of great articles and videos that explain everything from crypto wallets to the underpinnings of blockchain technology. 

Whether you are looking for a 101 that answers "What are NFTs?" or a  405  on writing optimal NFT contracts, we have scoured the web for content created the best and brightest in the space.   

We hope this information helps people both new to the space as well as those  whose experience we have leveraged during our journey.

As always, please reach out and let us know how we can improve IguanaVersity and forward any content that will help others in the community!

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