Our Journey

We owe a lot to those who blazed the trails before us.  Our journey started with buying NFTs from collections like the Apes, Punks, Mories and Azuki.  As we grew our collections we began to realize that the community was as important as the collections we were building.  This got us thinking, what would it take to build a collection that was focused on not just on cool art, but on establishing a community that celebrated creativity?

We started by tossing out concepts for collections. Bulls...already done.  Zombies...cool but not unique.  Then it hit us....Iguanas. 


What other animal can grow back its tail if it is chopped off?  What other animal has a third eye on top of its head (bet you didn't know that)?     

We loved the concept, but wanted to make sure the look and feel of the art was as inspirational to us as it is to our community.

As you can see from the video, we started with concept sketches, added colors and then laughed as we talked about the variations we could develop.

10,000+ iguanas later we still howl every time we see how our community has embraced our family and look forward to interacting with our community every day.

Thank you all for your creativity and support!  

What the Community is Saying

Crafting an Iguana